MIA KIM (USA-Korea) - Maestro Jazz Singer and Musician

Mia Kim (USA - Korea)

Jazz Singer and Musician
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- Jazz - Drums, Vibraphone, Marimba, Xylophone -


Born to a musical family in Korea, Mia was performing with her sisters at an early age, entertaining the US troops.

After several promises by a number of 'agents', the Kim Sisters finally got invited to America to perform in Las Vegas in 1959. The trio got a four week contract in the Thunderbird Hotel, as a supporting act to the 'China Doll Revue'. Their showmanship and entertainment value was finally noticed by the entertainment director of the Stardust Hotel, and given a two week contract which extended to eight and a half months. They worked six shows a night, and after sleeping briefly, learned new instruments and rehearsed until it was time to play again. The big break came when they were invited on the Ed Sullivan show, and the Kim Sisters were invited to play all over America.

In February 1960 The Kim Sisters were featured in Life Magazine

Mia Married Tommy Vig (see www.tommyvig.com) in March 1967, after they had been playing together for several years 'back to back' on a rotating stage.

Mia also starred at the Desert Inn Hotel, and appeared on the Ed Sullivan Live TV Show 24 times. She also appeared on the Dinah Shore, Operation Entertainment, Hollywood Palace and Dean Martin television shows. Mia's mellow personality and singing perfectly complemented Tommy's energetic playing and character. This was true in all aspects of their lives together, and showed in his music, business and family life. Mia's velvety voice is still mesmerizing audiences during Tommy's vibrant and unique performances of both classical and improvised jazz.

Over the years, Tommy and Mia have played to packed houses worldwide, and have achieved a unique rapport with their international audiences. Their polished professionalism is always hugely successful and popular, bringing inspiration, verve and fun to the public and fellow musicians.

In the summer of 2006, Tommy and Mia moved to Hungary permanently, where they have been enthralling audiences with their brilliant playing in concerts, and on television and radio. They have recorded several CDs, including the "ÜssDob", ("Beat It!") and "Now and Then".


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